BB Jodigal 2 7th August 2022 Written update, Bigg Boss Jodigal 2 Swap Round Winner

BB Jodigal 2 7th August 2022 Written update, Bigg Boss Jodigal 2 Swap Round Winner #Jodigal #7th #August #Written #update #Bigg #Boss #Jodigal #Swap #Winner Welcome to JeroVibes:

BiggBoss Jodigal Season 2 7th August 2022, Promo Written Updates: Episode 13, Watch Full Show Online, Performances Today

BB Jodigal 2 is a dance show for BiggBoss contestants where BB season contestants pair up among themselves and dance to exhibit their talent.

The latest promo of BB Jodigal 2 (07-08-2022) starts with Anchor Priyanka and Raju introducing the round as the “Role swap round”.

Anchor Raju enters in a female costume and Priyanka in a male costume. The judges enjoy their entries. 

All the female contestants enter in male costumes and the male contestants are in female costumes and dance with judge Satheesh. 

The new promo of BB Jodigal 2 (7 August 2022) shows the stunning performance of Thamarai and Parthasarathy. The judges enjoy their performance. 

Amir and Pavani deliver an electrifying performance. They both switch roles and Pavani proposes to Amir to marry her which puts the entire set in laughter. 

To Abhishek’s surprise, his mom and sister enter the sets of BBJ2 and dance with him which overwhelms him.

To get to know more, download Super BB Jodigal 2 or watch full episodes online at Star Vijay on Sunday at 8.00 PM and Disney+Hotstar.

Today’s BB Jodigal 2 7th August 2022 episode shows the contestants competing with each other in the “Role swap round”. The episode will be updated after the telecast or updated on Hotstar OTT. 

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