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Ceasar Emanuel’s Ex Accuses Him Of Abuse After He Claims She Leaked Dog Fight Video

Ceasar Emanuel’s Ex Accuses Him Of Abuse After He Claims She Leaked Dog Fight Video #Ceasar #Emanuels #Accuses #Abuse #Claims #Leaked #Dog #Fight #Video Welcome to JeroVibes:

Last week, a video of Black Ink Crew reality star Ceasar Emanuel abusing a dog went viral online, promptly causingVH1 to cut all ties with him. Since then, the tattoo shop owner has maintained that the footage surfacing online is a part of some sort of set-up, and we now know who he believes is trying to frame him his ex, Suzette Samuel.

“With my ex, it’s like… You pulled that out your ass, cuz I left you?” he defended himself in a recent interview. “Like, this is why I’m saying, just like, the entitlement. Like, if I can’t have him, nobody can have him.”

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When the host pressed Emanuel to confirm that he was alleging that the video came out due to a breakup, he said, “Basically, and they always dangled it over my head… And finally, after I sit here and say that I’m single, the next day it dropped?”

After he shared his side of the story, Samuel took to Instagram to tell hers. “Leaving a relationship with someone [you] love is by far one of the most difficult things to do,” she penned. “BUT, [you] have to pick your peace and what [you] deserve OVER what your flesh wants!”

“It’s not ok to [be] lied to and cheated on and constantly disrespected. Told ‘you will never find someone of my status.’ Words create insecurities, weakness, and eventually resentment. It’s OK to choose yourself, peace.”

She went on to quote Pastor Murphy, “BE FREE! The enemy will try to shame you and make you choose between bondage over promise. BE FREE.” But that wasn’t all she had to say.

Samuel then announced that she would be “[unloading] the clip,” which meant accusing her ex of domestic abuse along with receipts of a large, dark bruise on her body.

“I tried not to do this to you but here we go,” she wrote alongside the incriminating photo. “You know I know EVERYTHING. You’re an abuser!!! [Remember] Christmas time when [you] found that dude in my DM?! This was the result. [You] played with the wrong one!”

According to her, Emanuel “used the network to manipulate and threaten” Samuel. “I left you your birthday weekend. Stop playing!” she concluded check it all out below, and tap back in withHNHH later for any updates on this story and others.

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