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Chance The Rapper responds to suggestion his career has flopped

Chance The Rapper responds to suggestion his career has flopped #Chance #Rapper #responds #suggestion #career #flopped Welcome to JeroVibes:

Chance The Rapper has responded to suggestions online that his career has “fallen off”.

The rapper was talking to The Breakfast Club earlier this week when co-host Charlamagne Tha God asked him about how he deals with negative criticism of his work.

How hard is it to not feed into criticism you may see of yourself online? Because there is a lot of chatter online that they like to say Chance the Rapper fell off, thats their language, Charlamagne asked him in the studio, the footage of which you can watch below.

Man. I dont know, Chance replied. To me its like, I could do one of two things: I could either agree with it, or I could live my life. If I agree with it, then that means The Breakfast Club fell off, cause yall dont have people that fell off sitting in your chair I dont think, usually. And so I feel like I gotta stay on my path.

He then went on to say that he was facing such criticism as early as high school, a few years before the release of his celebrated mixtapes such as 2013’s ‘Acid Rap‘.

N****s was saying I fell off when I was in high school, the rapper said. I made four mixtapes! N****s was telling me in high school, Your last tape was better. Im like, N***a, Im 15!

He continued: “I can joke about it, but it is tough, but its like, I dont know, what can I say? Tell people that my feelings are hurt?

Chance explained that he doesn’t let nasty remarks get in the way of his career and that he intends to keep creating music independently for as long as he can.

I could listen to people that think about artists like theyre fucking Pokmon cards, like these commodified trading cards thats like, Oh, your fucking 2K rating just went down. Like, fuck them n****s, these n****s is lame as hell! he said.

Theyve never been on,” he added. “If I fell off, at least I was on.

Kanye WestKanye West. Credit: Gotham/GC Images

Meanwhile, Chance hasopened up about last years leaked footage of himself being yelled atbyKanye West, saying that the interaction made him evaluate their friendship.

In January 2021 a video emerged of Chance and West in the studio together for a DONDA recording session. It appeared to show West now legally known as Ye growing increasingly agitated before lashing out at Chance, telling him to sit his ass down and listen to the album or leave.

The clip was part of a DONDA documentary being made by Dame Dash. In his narration of the scene, Dash said Chance had come out to see West due to the publicity surrounding his declining mental health.

I did come out there to check on my friend, Chance confirmed. Me and a lot of other people still have love for Ye. But hes human, hes not perfect. He was obviously going through it at that time It made me evaluate my friendship with him, for sure. I had never been so close to him going through an episode.

He added: “At the end of the day, I definitely love the dude. Thats my guy. It sucks that sometimes people can exploit a moment that is a genuine moment.

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