Grievance Filed in Inexperienced Bay, Wisconsin Alleges Metropolis Clerk Permits Unlawful Poll Harvesting within the Metropolis

Wisconsin was certainly one of many states throughout the 2020 Election the place the corruption was so unhealthy that the Explicit Counsel attempting into the election beneficial it’s decertified.

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Now we uncover out that additional actions occurred throughout the latest election in Inexperienced Bay which were in opposition to state regulation.  Primarily based on observers Inexperienced Bay Metropolis Clerk Celestine Jeffreys and her assistant accepted plenty of absentee ballots from specific individual voters NUMEROUS cases.  That’s known as ‘ballot harvesting’ and it’s illegal throughout the state accurately in all places.

The witnesses filed a go nicely with in opposition to Jeffreys and are trying to find assist.

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Everybody is aware of that Wisconsin was RIFE with fraud in 2020 using Zuckerberg drop containers, and absentee ballot harvesting. Then in June 2021 prolonged after this fraudulent election was licensed, Waukesha Circuit Courtroom Resolve Michael Bohren declared what we already knew; that this was illegal! Per Wisconsin State regulation, there are solely two strategies to LEGALLY cast an absentee ballot. Each the voter would possibly PERSONALLY cast their ballot by mail, or hand ship it to a county clerk. Subsequently, unmanned drop containers and ballot harvesting are every illegal!

Sadly, it appears that evidently Metropolis Clerks in Wisconsin have found nothing from the stolen 2020 election and mustn’t have gotten the memo from Resolve Bohren, on account of now there’s a brand new grievance being filed in Inexperienced Bay referring to the April fifth, 2022, election. This new grievance alleges that Metropolis Clerk Celestine Jeffreys allowed ballot harvesting to occur no matter objections from election observers.

Primarily based on three election observers (Matt Roeser, Victoria J. Linssen, & Janet Angus) Metropolis Clerk Celestine Jeffreys and her assistant accepted plenty of absentee ballots from specific individual voters MANY cases. Upon witnessing this, Janet Angus formally objected and requested, “Are you taking plenty of ballots?” to which the Metropolis Clerk replied, “It’s my discretion whether or not or not I take the ballots”. She blatantly ignored these complaints, and the illegal ballots have been counted throughout the election. Ideas you, certainly one of many elections on this race was decided by solely 23 votes and one different by solely 11 votes. So, with such tight margins, it appears Celestine’s actions might need swung the outcomes.

Now, the plaintiffs are trying to find assist which includes an investigation into the matter, and a clear instruction about ballot harvesting issued to all clerks. And proper right here is the place we get to the middle of the difficulty. The plaintiffs are submitting this grievance with the Wisconsin Election Payment! , the equivalent one which instructed the Explicit Voting Deputies NOT to enter nursing homes, which led to the exploitation of aged victims. The equivalent WEC that issued steering to metropolis and county clerks, encouraging the utilization of drop containers. The equivalent WEC that ILLEGALLY instructed voters that ANYONE can ship their ballot on their behalf as a “Covid-19 safety precaution”.

So, it appears that evidently as quickly as as soon as extra, we’ve the foxes guarding the hen dwelling! The WEC are those that opened the door for big ILLEGAL ballot harvesting in 2020 throughout the first place. If one thing, Clerk Jeffreys was following their illegal instructions! So, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the WEC once more up Jeffrey’s criminality.

We’ll regulate this and see what happens.

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