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Full House Stars Reunite For First Time Since Loughlin College Scandal

Full House Stars Reunite For First Time Since Loughlin College Scandal #Full #House #Stars #Reunite #Time #Loughlin #College #Scandal Welcome to JeroVibes:

Full House’s John Stamos reunites with Lori Loughlin for the first time publicly since the actress was convicted on bribery charges.

John Stamos reunites withFull House co-star Lori Loughlin for the first time since she was jailed due to her involvement in the National College Admission Scandal. Playing Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky in the ABC family sitcom, the pair reprised their role in the Netflix spin-off Fuller House. That was until Loughlin was fired from the gig ahead of the sequel series’ final season.

In early 2019, news broke that the actress and her husband,fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, reportedly paid half a million dollars to get their two kids into USC. The scheme they partook in became national news, with the pair ending up admitting to the charges. Her involvement in the scandal caused Loughlin to be fired from Hallmark’sWhen Calls the Heartwhile the show was in the middle of its sixth season. Soon after, Netflix followed suit, booting her out of Fuller House. Now, almost two years since she served two months in jail for the scandal, Loughlin reunites with Stamos during an event.


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In a new video shared by Stamos on Instagram, the actor is seen joining the Beach Boys during the band’s tour, as he often does. In the background, Loughlin can be seen dancing to the music. Stamos didn’t namedrop the actress, only referring to her as “an old friend.”Check out the video below:

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Because of the timing of Loughlin’s arrest, she wasn’t able to partake in the Fuller House finale. Her absence was made more obvious because the show’s send-off featured a family gathering with DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy all tying the knot at the same time. Instead of not addressing the matter, Netflix came up with a simple explanation. Aunt Becky went out of town; as revealed by Uncle Jesse sheis in Nebraska helping out with her mother.”The Full House spin-offnever delved into specific details about her trip back home. In any case, she wasn’t the only one who missed the festivities. Danny Tanner’s youngest daughter, Michelle, also wasn’t around after Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen decided to skip Fuller House.

While this is the first time that Stamos and Loughlin are seen together publicly, chances are that they have previously reunited in private after the actress was released from jail. The cast of Full House has seen some major personal changes in the past year. That includes the unexpected death of Bob Saget at the start of 2022 and then more recently the wedding of Jodie Sweeting. While this may not have been the reunion viewers had hoped for, it’s still nice to see the former co-stars together again.

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Source: John Stamos/Instagram

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