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My Little Pony Jar Meaning Explained After Meme Goes Viral On Twitter And Reddit

My Little Pony Jar Meaning Explained After Meme Goes Viral On Twitter And Reddit #Pony #Jar #Meaning #Explained #Meme #Viral #Twitter #Reddit Welcome to JeroVibes:

If Vabbing wasn’t enough for social media users, an old story called My Little Pony Jar has resurfaced the internet this week and is grossing everyone out, know the meaning of the meme

In the past few weeks, we have seen Vabbing, a bizarre perfume process that has taken over the internet. This strange method is supposed to help one to attract or lure a partner.

My Little Pony Jar Meaning Explained As Meme Goes Viral On Twitter And Reddit

Sun baked my little pony cum jar

— Pelvis (@PEL_VIS) July 31, 2022

Whats going on with the jar? from OutOfTheLoop

imagine being a my little pony figurine stuck in a cum jar in the toy story universe

— lane/chara autistic swagger (@itz_sunfallz) August 4, 2022

This was the most revolting thing that has gone viral on the internet this month until now, as now another meme called “My Little Pony Jar” has been circling around the internet.

Though this meme has been swirling over social media since 2014. The word sounds quite lovely, but it’s far from that.

My Little Pony Jar Meme Explanation

My Little Pony Jar is an old meme, or perhaps we can say it’s an old story that might be a better way to describe it. It was posted on 4chan back in April 2014.

4chan is an anonymous English-language imageboard website that hosts boards dedicated to a huge range of topics such as anime, cooking and music.

It is quite similar to Reddit and it allows users to find others with similar interests and interact with content on the boards but some strange and bizzare things go viral there.

Back in April 2014, a mystery internet user on 4chan shared his process of filing up a jar with his own bodily fluid. To make things more weird and worse, the jar had a My Little Pony Rainbow Dash figure in the middle of it and he uploaded photos of this whole process.

Later, in November 2014, he revealed that he had accidentally heated the contents of the jar by leaving it too close to a radiator and melted the Rainbow Dash.

At that time, the whole story went viral on Twitter and it’s been running as a joke ever since.

Many people are only just discovering the revolting meme in 2022 and are quite horrified by the story.

One of the horrified users took to his Twitter and penned down, “don’t ever search my little pony jar”.

Speaking of Little Pony Jar, there is another bizarre trend named “Rainbow Kiss” users are advised not to search this either.

Vabbing and My Little Pony Jar aren’t the only nauseating things that are going viral this week. Another thing called “Rainbow Kiss” is also swirling around the internet and it’s just sickening.

We won’t be explaining what it means here but we urge you not to go and look it up either because you will be scarred for your life.

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