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The Biggest Scandal To Hit Steak ‘N Shake

The Biggest Scandal To Hit Steak ‘N Shake #Biggest #Scandal #Hit #Steak #Shake Welcome to JeroVibes:

In 2019, Steak ‘N Shake was brought before a Missouri court and charged with not paying overtime to 286 managers, according to Restaurant Business Online. The St. Louis managers were forced to work more than 50 hours a week without overtime pay, prompting the court to order Steak ‘N Shake’s payment of $7.7 million in damages. Of that, $6 million plus court fees went directly to the managers.

The company was already in the process of closing stores, and following the trial, the closures only became worse. According to The Urban Baker, 82 restaurants shut down in 2020, and during the first quarter, the business recorded a loss of $7.9 million. If you think that’s a lot, the previous year’s loss was $13.3 million. Despite the closures, more than 550 Steak ‘N Shake locations still remain across 28 different states. Dive into the untold truth of Steak ‘N Shake to learn more about the restaurant.

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