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TikTok claims that Supreme Court credit cards were leaked are baseless

TikTok claims that Supreme Court credit cards were leaked are baseless #TikTok #claims #Supreme #Court #credit #cards #leaked #baseless Welcome to JeroVibes:

Last week, the US Supreme Courtoverturned the Roe v Wade rulingwhich has been in place for almost 50 years.

In 1973, the Court ruled that the Constitution of the United States would protect a womans liberty to choose to have an abortion.

The overturning of this ruling on Friday (June 24th) means that millions of women across America will lose their constitutional right to abortion.

Under the new rules, individual states will be able to choose whether they want to ban the procedure or allow abortions to take place.

On TikTok, thousands are claiming that members of the Supreme Courts personal information has been leaked following the decision, but the claims are baseless

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TikTok users claim Supreme Court credit cards were leaked

On TikTok, lots of people are claiming that credit card numbers, home addresses, social media passwords and other personal information from members of the Supreme Court has been leaked online.

The claims state that many Supreme Court justices, such as Clarence Thomas, John G. Roberts and Stephen G. Breyer, have been doxxed.

Doxxing is the very serious act of publicly revealing private personal information about an individual or organisation, usually via the internet.

One person wrote: Gen Z is something else. Liked the Supreme Courts home addresses, leaked their socials, leaked their credit card info.

Gen Z has leaked credit card info for the SCOTUS justices, said another.

A third user posted: Yall did not doxx the Supreme Court and leak their credit card info.

Unfounded TikTok claims are baseless

Hundreds of videos are flooding TikTok claiming that these justices have had their personal information leaked, but there is no truth to any of these baseless rumours.

There are no official reports suggesting that any members of the Supreme Court have had their credit card information or home addresses leaked.

To public knowledge, Clarence Thomas, John G. Roberts and Stephen G. Breyer and any other justices have not had their personal information leaked and the TikTok videos are unfounded.

If you do see any information claiming to belong to a Supreme Court member, is most likely fake, but you should report it immediately.

To report a video on TikTok, tap the arrow in the bottom right-hand corner of the video and press report. Then, press hateful behaviour or harmful misinformation.

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Its a response to Roe v Wade

The doxxing trend appears to be a response to the Roe v Wade ruling.

Many who oppose the decision made on June 24th are claiming to have leaked Supreme Court justices personal information in retaliation.

The overturning of Roe v Wade has sparked opposition across the world, with many individuals and celebrities taking to social media to share their opinion.

Michelle Obama has spoken out about her heartbreak following the decision and her post has gone viral online.

I am heartbroken for people around this country who just lost the fundamental right to make informed decisions about their own bodies, she wrote.

The former First Lady continued: I am heartbroken that we may now be destined to learn the painful lessons of a time before Roe was made law of the land.

Other celebrities who have shared their opposition include Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, Barack Obama, Selena Gomez and many more.

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